Documents required for hunting license and insurance

A – For hunters from the European Union EU  

We need these documents from European hunters

1 – Current identity card or passport

2- Current hunting license for this season

3 – European weapons license and information supplied about which rifle will be used

B – For hunters from other countries outside of the European Union for example UK, USA , Mexico , Russia

1 – Current  identity card or passport

2-  Current hunting license for this season

3– Document that empowers the interested party to possess and use weapons from their country of residence, certified by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin

4 – List of weapons (maximum three) with which the hunter will enter Spain.

5– Details of dates and places where the weapons will be used. We will send an invitation letter for the hunting trip with all relevant information : dates , location , name of the hunting ground …. In addition,  your personal information: name , address , passport number


  • Rifle
  • Soft rifle case to be used during the hunting
  • Ammunition inside a locked box . The ammunition  must be transported  independently of the rifle
  • Suitable calibres : medium and magnum calibres from 270 up : 30,06 , 300 win mag, 338 , 7 mm , 9,3 x 74
  • Binoculars
  • Scope : shooting  from short distance to 250/300 m . 3-12 x 50-56  , 1-6 x 24 , 1.1-14x 50 …..
  • Tripod or a stick
  • A flour cap , gilet , jacket … They are not mandatory but their use is recommended, during the driven hunt /Monteria, for your own security
  • A lock for the trigger of the rifle if you are coming to Portugal not for Spain
  • We will send you information about the weather and suitable clothing 15 days before your arrival.


MONTERIA … October- February

RED LEGEND PARTRIDGES .. October- February

DUCKS … October- March

  GREDOS IBEX …… September -June

Southeastern IBEX …. October- April

RONDA IBEX ………… October- April

BECEITE IBEX .. October- May

MOUFLON …. All year

BARBARY SHEEP … October- February

CANTABRIAN CHAMOIS .. September – November &March-June

PIRINEAN CHAMOIS …. October -January & March-June

Wild boar … all year

Red Stag .. September- February

FALLOW STAG … September- February


A team of professional taxidermists is present in all our Monterias.

Our goal is to provide a top quality  taxidermy service for all the Monteria trophies.

The delivery time for MOnteria trophies is from 60 to 120 days. The client will have information at all times about the status of their trophies and the shipment: agency, tracking number of the trophy shipment from Monteria.

The packaging of the Monteria trophies is done in a meticulous way and according to strict protocol.

Taxidermy price: from 75 euros + shipping.

The shipping price depends on the country of destination and size of the package but starts from 45 euros.


The price of the monterías includes all the displacements from/to

airport arrival and departure

Transfers from the hotel to the hunting area and return

Transportation during the Monteria in 4 x 4 cars

We have a team of drivers and vans for transfers

For large groups we use first class buses and minibuses

Write us and we will inform you delighted​

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