Big game driven hunts

The Monteria/ big game driven hunts is the traditional form of big game driven hunts in the Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal.

The Monteria/ big game driven hunts originated in the late Middle Ages and since its beginnings it has been closely linked to Royalty and Nobility

Fortunately, very little has changed since the Middle Ages, which makes the MONTERIA/ big game driven hunts a traditional type of hunting which is centuries-old and full of traditions.

There are several characteristics that make the hunt unique and special:

– A hunting territory is hunted in only once a year, the same area is never hunted in several times in the same season. This allows us to have extraordinary hunting tableaux’s

– All the work and care of the animals in the hunting area receives its reward just 1 day a year.

– The hunting area is very large, at least 800 ha per hunt

– There is only one drive / hunt per hunting day. The hunter remains in the same place from the beginning to the end of the hunt and the excitement remains from the beginning to the end.


– We use a lot of dogs 300-600 dogs for each hunt. The prey is constantly moving due to the high number of hunting dogs

– There is a large distance between hunters, about 150- 300 m, and each hunter has a very wide shooting area

– A very high number of support personnel is needed: dog guides, secretaries, mules, drivers in each hunt. There are around 80-100 members of staff for a hunt with 25 hunters. It really is like an OPERA in which the hunters are the main actors

– Our hunting territories and Mediterranean biotope means that we have Red stag, fallow stags, mouflons and wild boars in large numbers

– The quotas of animals per hunter per day are very large and there is no need to make extra payments either for the size, or for the quality of the trophy, nor for the number of animals within the QUOTA / day / hunter

– Our normally mild climate makes hunting in the sun very pleasant


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